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Madinat Makadi in Hurghada
  Discover Marsa Alam  | Marsa Alam Tours & Excursions     

Scuba Diving in Marsa Alam, the southern Red Sea


Elphinstone Reef
El Phinstone Reef is one of the most frequented dive sites in the southern Red Sea area. It’s a long narrow reef reaching approximately 300 meters, and lies 12 km away from Ras Abu Dabbab. Its spectacular walls drop far below 100 meters on both sides of the reef. The reef is famous for its grey reefs, hammerheads, and thresher sharks. The north plateau is where most dives are done, while the east is a great drop-off with a huge gorgonian and softer corals. The west is less steep and slightly sandier than the east. The plateaus of the south feature a garden of soft corals. Strong currents make it the perfect place for drift diving.

Samadai Reef (Dolphin House)
Get introduced to some friendly dolphins at the Samadi Reef, which is a crescent- shaped offshore area also known as Dolphin House, and located about 3 miles away from Mersa Alam. It is famous for its amount of dolphins with which you can snorkel. Dives are often performed near the pinnacles in the south-west, which are shallow and easily navigated. For a drift dive, it is better to go to the outer reef, where a nice wall is descending gradually to 20 meters form where it disappears.

Fury Shoal
This site is a diverse coral garden which makes a wondrous diving location. A network of hard coral formation make up a complex reef inhabited by a variety of pelagic fish and dolphins, and even contains the wrecks of a tugboat and a sailing ship for your exploration.

Daedalus Reef
If sharks are your favorite, then pay a visit to this reef. It is a huge round reef with a lighthouse more than 40 miles away from the coast. If features an excellent opportunity for spotting big pelagic all around its steep walls with an extreme variety of fish and coral.

Shaab Sharm
This reef is rich with colorful marine life. It is considered to be a big reef. It has big walls. It is possible to encounter, Hammerhead and Grey Reef Sharks in the summer, and Malabar Grouper, Barracudas, and schooling reef fish during the rest of the year

Shaab Mansour
Good dives can be done here on both north and south plateaus, with strong currents, which favor the growth of all types of coral, including black, soft, and fans. Sharks, Napoleon, and Tuna thrive here.

Imagine an enormous mountain coming out of the water, surrounded by a lagoon and circling reef including a couple of wrecks and some decent diving with a great variety of both corals and reef fish. Most likely, ancient Egyptians mined this island for precious stones.

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